My Own Little Shield

Back in December I was enjoying a fantastic afternoon with my Hubby strolling down the baking aisle of Cub Foods when a man came up behind us and asked if either of us was actually handicapped.  He had pulled in at the same time as us and had watched me park in the handicap spot.... Continue Reading →

Through Thanksgiving

This week I am sharing a post I originally came across on my Facebook feed.  The author is Ann Voskamp (you can check her out here). Ann talks about Thanksgiving being the beginning of the holiday season, and what it's purpose is within the Bible.  As a Spoonie I struggle more often then I would... Continue Reading →

“You Don’t Look Sick To Me”

This is a fantastic read, please, please take a few moments to read this and remember that everyone is fighting their own battle.

Simply Kimmi

This week I would like to focus on a situation that plagues many people with disabilities.

Last Sunday when my mom got out from church she found a note that said: “You don’t look handicapped to me!” This was in reference to the fact the she has handicapped plates and parked in a handicap parking space. But here is what they don’t know: 1) My mom had an accident that destroyed her lower back and nerves that left her without walking, at all, for four years; 2) My mom almost died in a three part neurological implantation surgery that took place over a month; 3) My mom has had and continues to have extensive physical therapy that is helping her regain her balance, her ability to walk, and ability to control her movements; and finally 4) In the last year my mom was able to finally get rid of her…

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