For just a few hours today, I thought I had escaped you. The sun was shining so brightly through the windows in the kitchen and I felt a motivation to do that I haven’t felt in such a long time. With the PT starting to make a difference and the hope of using just one... Continue Reading →

Social Media is a Dangerous Place

It highlights our most sparkling moments and does a spectacular job of hiding our less than perfect days. The days we don’t get out of bed until noon, the days we never put on makeup or make our hair “just right” are seemingly nonexistent without any proof of it. 

Acceptance is Still Freaking Hard

Chronic pain will force you to either master the art of acceptance so that you can live a full life-despite the pain and illness- or you will drown in the unfairness of it all; something I really struggled with about this time last year.

More From the Other Side of the Counter

I know I kind of went off the other day about this whole Cynical Pharmacist Facebook Page garbage and if I’m being honest I’m not really over it. But, I’m trying to move on from it because it was getting way too heavy for me. What really shocked me was how comfortable the people on... Continue Reading →

The Other Side of the Counter

The problem with just letting it sit without speaking up is that the only thing every really being posted on this page is negative things about patients. It’s the only thing that ever gets any noise or attention.

So Much More Than a Tattoo

It would be five months almost to the day before I started the process of getting the tattoo and those five months have been the most intense season of my life yet. Someone once told me that God will make you uncomfortable in your current situation so that you will be open to the changes He wants to make in your life. In you. I can tell you that I have been extremely uncomfortable in these five months.

Even I Didn’t Believe Me

Not only have I been jaded by my own pain, I’ve been pat on the head and sent home to “ride it out” so many times that, not only have I lost trust in my own ability to tell what’s an emergency and what isn’t, I no longer trust the health care providers to do it for me. As a chronic pain patient it’s all more of the same pain, even when it’s not.

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