Winter Blues?

I sometimes wonder if I stopped identifying myself as a ‘Summer Person’ and tried to embrace this time of year, like I did when I was a kid if I could overcome this annual hibernation.

It’s Not Funny

From 2013-2014 I was sick with some kind of cold or infection almost continuously. First, it was a cold, then a sinus infection, then an ear infection. Wash, rinse, repeat. I remember talking to my mom on the phone and telling her I was starting a round of Amoxicillin for a sinus infection and she... Continue Reading →

Keep Your Hands to Yourself

You’re never really ready to hear your child tell you that they feel violated. On Friday Bob and I took Arianna to her first EDM show ever, which just so happened to be her favorite (and mine); Kaskade at The Armory. She has been waiting for about 4 years to make it to a show,... Continue Reading →

Just a Trial

Over the course of eight years, I have been extremely diligent about my search to relieve my pain. Anyone who orbits me knows I’ve tried, tried, and tried again. This past year has been especially stressful as I moved pain management providers, had two surgeries back to back and broke my foot. So I feel... Continue Reading →

Abandoning the Why

There are times when I go to see my therapist that feel more like chats with friends, sessions that are spent venting my frustrations, times we use the societal climate as inspiration and then there are sessions that I really have to work. Today was work, friends. As evidenced by my posts I have been... Continue Reading →

For just a few hours today, I thought I had escaped you. The sun was shining so brightly through the windows in the kitchen and I felt a motivation to do that I haven’t felt in such a long time. With the PT starting to make a difference and the hope of using just one... Continue Reading →

Social Media is a Dangerous Place

It highlights our most sparkling moments and does a spectacular job of hiding our less than perfect days. The days we don’t get out of bed until noon, the days we never put on makeup or make our hair “just right” are seemingly nonexistent without any proof of it. 

Acceptance is Still Freaking Hard

Chronic pain will force you to either master the art of acceptance so that you can live a full life-despite the pain and illness- or you will drown in the unfairness of it all; something I really struggled with about this time last year.

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