Pain, Pain, Go Away by L.W. Stern

Pain pain go away. Please find somewhere else to play. Don't come 'round another day. You're a bully - it's not okay. Tone it down, take a class. Someone aught to kick YOUR ass. Sorry mom, i'm being crass. But this shit's got to stop at last. Don't seek me out; don't call your friends.... Continue Reading →

“Dear Pain…” Week 4

This week brings our first "Dear Pain..." series to a close. Huge thank you's to those who wrote their letters and were brave enough to send them in.  Keep writing, and keep sending them in if you want me to share your letter in the next series. I wrote my first letter to my pain... Continue Reading →

“Dear Pain…” Week 3

We are three weeks into our "Dear Pain..." series and I have to say that the letters so far have been so beautiful. I, myself, am so glad to read these because it reminds me that I am not alone in this. I am not the only one who struggles to get through the day... Continue Reading →

“Dear Pain…” week 2

This week's "Dear Pain..." post is more of a story than a letter, and it touched my heart when I read it. This story gives us a peak into what it's like for our writer, her quiet thoughts that she doesn't share. It also tells us a little about her desire to be pain free,... Continue Reading →

“Dear Pain…” Week 1

It's finally here! Our first week of "Dear Pain..."! I know, I know, I promised to start this last week, unfortunately I had a bit of a set back with the medical piece of my life and I had to put it on hold. But here we are (finally) and I am excited to share... Continue Reading →

1 Week until “Dear Pain..” begins

I'm getting so excited to start my first official series on These Next 6 Months. When I proposed the idea of writing letters to our pain to my PCS girls they seemed interested, but wary. I was worried this idea would flop, but I am so proud that it hasn't. Reading these submissions as they... Continue Reading →

Dear Pain….

As many of you know, I see a therapist on a near weekly basis to help me walk along this lovely path life has put me on. Sometimes we talk about the weather and other times we talk about guilt or meditation or any of the many other things that pain influences.  In one of... Continue Reading →

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