Owning It….some more….

Two weeks ago I wrote about “owning it”. I wrote about how I was working on sharing my pain life and my “regular life” on the same level, merging my selves together so I could feel less isolated from the world.

I’m still working on that, and in addition to trying to find more ways to advocate for myself and others in the invisible illness community I am looking for a way to reach more people like me.

At least three times in the past year I created, and then deleted, a Facebook page to go with These Next 6 Months. Insecurity is an asshole and I often found myself afraid that the page wouldn’t take off or that it wouldn’t be what I wanted it to be.

This morning I was on breathe number three in Downward Dog when I realized that all pages start out with zero “likes”. Every blog starts out with only one or two readers. Everyone starts out with nothing. This bounced around in my brain for a bit throughout my morning and while I sat in the salon chair getting my hair painted I created that Facebook page. (For the fourth time.)

I didn’t put a bunch of thought into it before I started, I just did it. Even more terrifying; this time I actually shared it on my other accounts. (Gasp!). So I guess I am in it this time.

I’m hoping you guys will take pity on my fear of flopping and hit that “like” button. I promise to try my best to entertain you, and in return I hope you promise to let me know you’re out there. Like I said before; my end goal here is to connect with more people in the community, to swap stories and offer each other a digital shoulder to lean on.

Cheers! To owning it.

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