Favorite Things Episode 3: Squishy Things

It’s been a long while, I know, but I am finally getting to this post. The Favorite Things Squishy episode!

We’ve talked about our favorite clothing items (which I am sure could use an update as well) and we’ve done the sticky things we like to use for pain relief (There has been an addition on this one, so check it out). Now I want to share with you my favorite squishy things.

Now, not all chronic pain patients have the same kind of pain and not all of the things I use will work for someone else, but sharing is caring people. With my particular pain anything that is hard, or without “give” is an immediate trigger for me. So chairs without cushions, the ground, firm cushions-all bad for me. The best way I have found to remedy this issue is to invest in a few memory foam cushions to tote around with me when I go places.

This way no matter what I have available to sit on, I can make it more comfortable for myself. I take one with me to every after school event my kids have, to my parents’ house, to the park for picnics, out to dinner you name it. I even brought it with to the metro dome for a football game.

There are several out there to choose from, I personally like this one from Rio Home Fashions. It is memory foam so it pops back to original shape after I am done using it, and the cover comes off for easy washing. Plus, they are only $15 with free shipping on Amazon. It has a little elastic strap around the back of it too which makes it easy to hook onto a chair or throw over your shoulder for traveling.

Another squishy thing I have come to love is my anti fatigue mat in my kitchen and bathroom. I’m sure you guys have seen them before or even used one at your job. Wherever employees stand for long periods of time these mats are in place. We looked in several places for information on these before we settled on the Imprint Comfort Mat.

The pricing was pretty middle of the road and we like the selection of patterns and colors to go with the kitchen. Another thing I love about it is how easy it is to clean. We just throw a Swiffer wet pad on the Swiffer and wipe it down. Bam! Clean. The difference in the amount of time I get on my feet before I have to sit is impressive. I can tell immediately when I’ve stepped off as well. The reduction in strain on my joints and low back is fantastic. I’d like to get a second mat for the kitchen so I don’t have to move it back and forth from counter to stove.

So hmmmm…. Other squishy things I love. Oh yes, how could I forget my heating pads? They are like best friends who don’t talk. Both of my heating pads are from Sunbeam. I’ve had good and bad experiences with them to be honest. The first one I ever bought was a thin, smaller pad with a plastic insert which worked well enough. But then I found this Microplush King Sized Heating pad and fell in love!

It wraps almost all the way around me and is so soft and cozy that it immediately trumped my old heating pad. The bad news; I am on my third one of these. It is fantastic while it works, it just doesn’t work for too long. After a few months the control panel just starts to blink and won’t turn on the heating pad anymore. The good news is that a quick call to Sunbeam and they send out a brand new one to you at no cost.

I have one I keep downstairs and my husband got me a really nice one for upstairs that is also a Sunbeam. He got me the King size ExpressHeat heating pad with 8 different heat settings and it has an auto off edit option. Both heating pads have an auto-off function after two hours, but this one allows me to keep it on all night if I wanted. I’ve had this one for 10 months with no issues. (You can check both of these out at Sunbeam.com)

Another squishy (and warm) thing I love is my seat warmer/massager I also got for Christmas. It plugs into my car’s charger port and has heating coils for the low back and butt/thighs. It also has back massage settings. This is super helpful when I am on a longer car ride and need some help with my pain. The only downside to this is that is shuts off every 15 minutes or so and I need to restart it if I want to keep the therapy going.

My last thing for this episode is my heated blanket. I got one of these lovely, lovely things from my mother in law and it is heaven. Some days my PCS makes my pain so bad it radiates down my legs. When this happens I just wrap myself up burrito style in my heating blanket and set myself to cook! The heat is adjustable from 0-10 and it stays on as longs I wish to keep it going. The heat is so even and so delicious that it just melts away that achey pain from my legs. It’s also great for warming my bed up in the winter!

So that’s pretty much it for this episode of my Favorite Things. Like I said, not everyone will find that the same things work for them, and it is definitely a trial and error kind of thing. Hopefully these ideas can help you or someone you know who is dealing with chronic pain. If you have a favorite thing you’d like to share with me send it to me at TheseNext6Months@gmail.com so I can check it out and, as always, thanks for reading.

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