“You Don’t Look Sick To Me”

This is a fantastic read, please, please take a few moments to read this and remember that everyone is fighting their own battle.

Simply Kimmi

This week I would like to focus on a situation that plagues many people with disabilities.

Last Sunday when my mom got out from church she found a note that said: “You don’t look handicapped to me!” This was in reference to the fact the she has handicapped plates and parked in a handicap parking space. But here is what they don’t know: 1) My mom had an accident that destroyed her lower back and nerves that left her without walking, at all, for four years; 2) My mom almost died in a three part neurological implantation surgery that took place over a month; 3) My mom has had and continues to have extensive physical therapy that is helping her regain her balance, her ability to walk, and ability to control her movements; and finally 4) In the last year my mom was able to finally get rid of her…

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