Jawbone UP: 1 Week Review

As of Wednesday this week I have had my Jawbone UP for one week and I love it.

The non Spoonie pro to this gadget is that it fits comfortably and I hardly even notice it is there, even when I am sleeping. Which is saying something because I take all of my jewelry off to sleep. I mean, who wants their earrings stabbing them in the head while they try to sleep amIright? I also like that is blends in with most everything I am wearing, it’s just a simple black band and I have only had one person recognize it as anything but either jewelry or a hair band.

It holds a charge pretty awesome like-10 days on one charging session. Since I can’t wear it in the shower I charge it while I am in the tub and by the time I am ready to put it back on it’s 100%. The app the band communicates with is simple to use, and offers daily notifications that you set the preferences for. Every time I meet my goal number of steps I get a fun little note. It also reminds me when I should get up and do something, I call it the “stop being lazy alert”. This you can also set your own preferences for. (mine is 45 minutes of inactivity.)

Why the Spoonie in me loves it so much:

First, I love that it tracks my sleep. Since pain has such an impact on sleep, it’s easy to assume that I don’t get the quality of sleep I should to recharge my body after the daily stress of constant pain. Every morning when I plug the band in to my phone it shows me my sleep stats including: how many hours I slept and how many of them were deep versus light sleep. It also tracks how many times I woke up and how long it took me to fall asleep the night before. After about 5 days the app started suggesting a bedtime for me based on my sleep stats and then I got a little “challenge” to go to bed at an earlier time. I accepted and I am excited that I finally got 5 consecutive hours of deep sleep 2 nights in a row (which, according to my UP is 3 hours more a night than I was getting).  I was happily surprised that I could feel the change in sleep quality during the days as well.

The second thing about this band I love is the most basic reason people use them; it tracks my steps. The recommended daily average of steps is 10,000 steps daily. I was a little afraid to see what my daily step count would look like considering I am a stay at home mom with a pain condition that lays me up frequently. I was pleased to see that even on my worst day I still took 4,769 steps with a daily average of 8900 steps a day.  I wish I could have tracked them before the kids went back to school, these last 10 days have been like a vacation compared to the craziness over the summer. This information is more so validation that I am not a lazy blob than anything else. 🙂

Another fun thing, and I’ve already touched on this a bit, is the reminders. I get a little buzz to remind me to do PT twice a day, a reminder when I’ve been inactive too long, and a reminder to go to bed. I also really like the smart wake option. Instead of having my alarm jolt me out of bed at the same time every day, my UP band buzzes on my wrist when I am at the lightest of my sleep schedule within an hour of my requested time. It is so much easier to wake up and get moving between 6 and 7 when I am already halfway there. If I do happen to hit the button and roll back over, it gently reminds me the next time I hit the lightest sleep in my cycle.

My final rave about the Jawbone UP is the tidbits of information it gives every time I sync my band. Today’s facts included how to avoid blisters when walking in sneakers, a fun fact about the protein in plants, how a glass of cold water can wake you up faster than a cup of coffee and why walking in a park versus a city street is better for your brain. I love all of the little suggestions, and they can be easily reviewed at any time but swiping through them at the bottom of the screen.

As a whole, I am sure you can see I am a fan. I’m not entirely sure how I will apply all of this information to my treatment as of yet, but I feel like it’s a great step (ha ha!) towards gathering information I haven’t yet had. The longer I use it, the more it puts together my data and makes predictions and suggestions. So after I finish my first full month I will come back and let you guys know what’s what.

As always, thanks for reading. 🙂

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