I Got a New Gadget!

If you follow me on Instagram you most likely saw my picture yesterday of my newest gadget the Jawbone UP. In case you’re unfamiliar with the world of electronic fitness, this nifty bracelet is a 24/7 piece of jewelry that tracks things like active and non-active time, sleep cycles, heart rate, etc. When I plug it in to my phone it syncs up with the UP app and tells me all kinds of fun things about my day.

It’s been just under 24 hours since I started wearing my UP and so far I like it. It’s comfortable and doesn’t scream “LOOK AT ME!” on my wrist. The set up was extremely slick, with clear cut instructions on the packaging. I also like that the UP app plays nice with my Lose It! App for food tracking and several other diet and exercise apps.

Some of the most appealing features to me are the reminders I can set. This fun little guy buzzes at me to remind me to stop and stretch, to do my PT, and gives me a little buzz when I have been sitting for too long. (You can tell the app what “too long” is for you. Currently I have mine set to buzz after 45 minutes of inactivity).  Another thing I find neat about the UP is that it woke me up this morning when I was at my lightest sleep cycle. Which is awesome because I am NOT a morning person. At. All.

Instead of my alarm waking me out of a dead sleep at the same time every morning, my UP senses when I am at my lightest cycle of sleep within a one hour window of my preferred wake up time and alerts me to wake up. Then, over my morning coffee I plugged the bracelet in to my phone and was able to see all of my sleep data. How often I shifted in my sleep, how many hours I slept solid between waking and then it provides suggestions on how to get a better night’s sleep in. I dig it.

So, what am I hoping to gain from this experiment you ask? The answer to that is both simple and complicated. Anything. I am looking for anything. I’m looking for quality of sleep data, activity (or non-activity) data, changes in body temperature, heart rate, anything that will point me in a direction I haven’t gone yet.

I’m hoping to somehow find a way to utilize this health and fitness craze to benefit those of us who are more couch and bed bunnies than gym bunnies. Maybe there is something this UP can tell me about my lifestyle that I don’t already know.

If you’re interested to see how all of this plays out, I will be posting things about the UP band itself and what information I gain from it under the Let’s Try This…. category. If you have any questions or suggestions about the product or how to utilize it, I’d love to hear from you.

I’m all about connecting with fellow spoonies so please find me on Instagram at Secretly.a.Superhero and on Twitter at Elizakate21.  You can follow me on Facebook too at Facebook.com/Secretly.a.Superhero.



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