Biofeedback, MTM’s, and Summer

I know, I know, I know, it’s been roughly forever since I posted last. We could say I was uninspired, ran out of things to write about or just plain was lazy but those would all be half-truths. The whole truth is that sometimes I get so caught up in everything I am doing that I forget about the things I need for me. Like writing, or sleep, or Starbucks.  You know things I need.

Since the end of the “Dear Pain…” series I have been quite the busy bee, both medically and non-medically. In April I had a monumental appointment with my PCP that got a bit emotional regarding my medications, my daily pain levels and treatment options. We’re getting to the point where there isn’t really much else to try or do in ways of managing my daily pain. It gets a bit frustrating for both me and my team because you never want to say there are no other options, but really, for now, there are no other options.

Needless to say I cried, a lot, and for a few moments there I thought Dr. R was going to quit me and it was awful. But, some good things have come out of this appointment as well. I had been seeing a PT for my lower back pain and while we were making good strides I had a lot of relapses while in treatment with him. During the appointment from hell the idea of Biofeedback came around which I knew they could do at OSI where I was being treated. So, I asked my PT about it and he referred me to T, my newest care team member.

At our first appointment T did a complete evaluation of my busted self and decided that while I was a bit crooked and needed some help, Biofeedback was not appropriate for me right now. What we did discover however, was that my PT work with my current Physical Therapist was too intense for me, which caused me to trigger flare ups and swelling in my pelvic area. So, T spoke with my PT and they decided I would switch over to T only for treatment. The neat thing about T is that she is a Pelvic Specialist so she knows all the nuances of the pelvis and she has been treated by some of the same doctors in my care team. She gets me. I love her.

Another fun thing to come from the appointment from hell is my new Medication Therapy Management Pharmacist. We met last week and it was a pretty good appointment. She went through all of the medications I have tried as well as all of my supplements. We discussed what I’d like to gain from my meds and what my future plans are for myself. She asked me what I wanted which is so rare in medical care these days. We didn’t do anything drastic, but we did come up with a plan to move through the next month or so and life with chronic pain is always better when you have a plan.

So, we’ve added in a new player or two and I am feeling really optimistic about this summer. I know that I won’t be pain free or anything silly like that, but I am really excited about the fresh faces involved in helping me to live as much as I can with what I have.

Anyway, the sun is coming out, and I have a maxi dress calling my name so I’m off to start my day. I promise to be back soon though, now that the juices are flowing again I have SO much to write about!


2 thoughts on “Biofeedback, MTM’s, and Summer

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  1. I know how optimistic you were about the bio-feedback thing, so I’m sorry that didn’t exactly work out but I’m glad to hear that some other possibilities came out of it!! Glad you have now connected with a couple of team members that seem to “get it” more or less and I think that aspect alone will help to guide you through your next set of treatments.


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