Music is Magical?

On Twitter I follow an account called Uberfacts that spouts random facts throughout the day. Over the last 2 months or so I’ve seen the same particular fact come through about twice a week. Uberfacts states that “listening to music for an hour a day can relieve chronic pain.”

Well how about that? Truthfully, I’m not surprised by this at all. As a former dancer I completely understand all of the magical qualities of a great track. Music can put you in the best mood or bring you to tears. We use music to help us heal after a breakup or to empower us to feel sassy and full of attitude on the dance floor. (Okay, maybe a drink or too will help with that too ;))

Anyway, every time I read that fact I start to wonder how I can utilize music a bit more in my therapy. I am, by definition, a music fiend. I have a ridiculous amount of music on my iPod and I don’t genre discriminate. If I like it, I bump it. My car is the the best place to listen since it came with a bad ass Bose surround sound system so I really don’t mind the longer car rides. I just crack the sunroof and turn it WAY up.


*The caveat here is that I can’t actually sing along how I would want to since getting excited and yelling or singing loudly (cheering, screaming, etc.) actually irritates the crap out of my pelvic pain. (thank you so much PCS). So I have learned to drive while dancing and looking incredibly nuts to my fellow freeway folk.*

Okay, back to the point here. I started really considering how often I listen to music these days. When I was working I had 45-50 minutes of travel time to and from work to get my fix, but these days I drive much, much less. We have these cute little speaker boxes that can play your iPod at insane volume levels that we got the kids for Christmas, so I steal those occasionally. But, sometimes those aren’t enough. I need the music in my brain. (<—I told you, music fiend.) So I find that using my Skull Candy ear buds is the best way to listen.

So, spurred on by this sweet little Uberfact I have decided to dedicate one hour of my day, every day, to music. It can be while I am driving to and from the doctor, while I am getting ready post shower or while I am cooking dinner, but I think for this trial to be effective it has to be uninterrupted.

They say that it takes 21 days to make something a habit, so naturally my trial will be 21 days long starting from today April 6, 2014. For science’s sake I will keep some simple notes like what my number is before and after the hour, what  I was listening to and what kind of day I was having overall to better judge the efficacy of this therapy.

As always, this is interactive, so if you’ve got any tips, notes or information on the this please send them my way. If you want to keep up with this in between posts you can follow my Twitter @Elizakate21 and my Instagram @elizabeth_katherine_

Wish me luck and as always, thanks for reading!


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