The Eye Liner Challenge

I’m sure we can all agree that some days you just don’t feel like doing a damn thing.



Some days it simply takes too much work to get dressed, do your hair and put a little makeup on. And besides, what’s the point when you’re going to spend your day in bed or on the couch because you hurt too much to do anything more exciting than that? For me, personally, I don’t really think that a made up face and curly hair goes with sweat pants and t-shirts. So, to complete the look I can just throw my hair up in a top knot and call it a day.

During those times when my pain is real bad (I’m currently on day 16 of basically nonstop back pain and spasms) the last thing on my To-Do list is “look pretty”. But the truth is that looking pretty might just be exactly what I need.

One of the main things you hear over and over again when coping with Chronic Pain/Illness, is that self-care is incredibly important. It’s easy to let yourself slip away completely when you’re lost in the constant haze that pain tends to put you in. It’s easy to just stop caring.

We’ve all been there at some point or another. As a new mom who is so exhausted she can’t see straight, let alone put make up on. Those post op weeks when you’re healing and live in your biggest pair of sweats and your husband’s t-shirts. There are so many things you can’t do that you forget about the things you can do.

Things like washing your face every night before you go to bed, and every morning when you wake up. Using a night cream and a day moisturizer to nourish your skin. Maybe a rigorous workout isn’t an option for you, but healthy food and 6, 8 oz glasses of water a day aren’t effected by physical limitations. I might not be able to stand in front of a mirror for any length of time to put on my makeup and do my hair, but that just means I need to get creative.

So many things change when you are constantly hurting and exhausted. There are so many things about your life that you have to give up, or change that it’s easy to forget who you are. It’s easy to forget to remember that you’re more than just fatigue and pain and doctor’s visits and medications. But there is a simple solution to getting a piece of yourself back, and I have affectionately named it “The Eye Liner Challenge”.

Here’s the plan:

Every day for 2 weeks take the time to “get ready” for the day. It doesn’t matter what time of day you do it, you just have to do it.

Change your clothes (even if it means trading one pair of sweats for another).

Wash your face, and do your makeup.

Run a brush through your hair and then, get a little crazy and use that curling iron 😉

Grab that bottle of perfume or body mist on your dresser and give yourself a spritz or two.

Throw on a pair of earrings (even just studs) and smile!

Snap a pic of yourself and send it to with a note telling me what The Eye Liner Challenge did for you.

At the end of the challenge I will pic the two best notes and pics to share on TheseNext6Months.

The contest starts tomorrow on March 17th and ends on March 31st. I will accept pics and notes until April 7th at Midnight Central Time.

Motivation Tip: if you’ve got an Instagram, Twitter or Facebook post a selfie everyday with the hashtag #EyeLinerChallenge to inspire others to participate.

Thanks for reading, now go get pretty!!!

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