1 Week until “Dear Pain..” begins

I’m getting so excited to start my first official series on These Next 6 Months. When I proposed the idea of writing letters to our pain to my PCS girls they seemed interested, but wary. I was worried this idea would flop, but I am so proud that it hasn’t.

Reading these submissions as they come in both breaks my heart and reinforces that I am not alone in this. That the writers are not alone in this, and the goal here, is to show you-the reader- that you too, are not alone in this.

Your struggle may be with physical pain, it may be emotional and it may be mental. It could be all three. The amazing thingI see in all of these letters is that each writer is telling their pain “these are all the ways you hurt me” and then “these are the ways I am stronger than you.” It’s amazing to see how many of us hurt, every day, and find the perseverance to get up every morning and dominant our pain.

A week from today we will post our first submission and continue to post one every week through the month of March on Fridays. There is no close to this submission. If you haven’t written something yet, but find yourself inspired by something you read here, please write to your pain. If you want to send it to us to post that’s great. If not, that’s okay too. Just write.

Remember to include any site information you’d like to share such as a Facebook group, a blog, Instagram or Twitter. Whatever outlet you are using to share your story.

Happy writing.


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