PCS, How I love Thee….

Generally speaking I hate Valentine’s Day. Never once, in the history of my dating and married life have I had a Valentine’s Day that felt “special”. I was blessed with boyfriends who didn’t think it was important and as a wife I try not to have any expectations. Truly. Not even hoping for a card.

This year, instead of being frustrated or hurt because the little girl in me didn’t get her wish, I have decided to take a new approach. Much in the way Thanksgiving prompts people to remind themselves of what they’re thankful for, I am going to write about the things I love about my disease. More specifically, the positive changes that have come from living with PCS.  Since I love a challenge, I have decided to go for 14 things I “love” about PCS (since Valentine’s Day is the 14th…I’m sure you figured that out….)

SO! Without further ado, I give you “PCS, How I Love Thee…”

Ahem! (<— that was me clearing my throat)

PCS, How I Love Thee…

1. I love how you’ve forced me to slow down and make sure I have time for the most important things. My children.

2. I love how coping with you has pushed me deeper into my faith. It is true people seek God when they are suffering. 

3. I love how you’ve created an advocate for others out of me, how much I desire to help others who struggle with pain the way I do.

4. I love how you’ve created an advocate for myself out of me. Every day I work a little harder at what is best for me.

5. I love how you dragged me out of my job, and consequently gave me the peace I had been searching for for years. It’s true when they say you are who you hang around with, and my co-workers had no peace.

6. I love how you instantly gave me an entire group of friends in the PCS Community where I can turn whenever I need someone who understands.

7. I love the way you’ve shown me who will stand the test of true friendship. Pain has caused me to see who my “fair weathered” friends were.

8. I love the way you’ve caused me to rely on others, and know that it is okay. I’ve always wanted to depend on only myself, but that’s not the way life is supposed to be.

9. I love how you gave me the opportunity to be home with my children everyday, I can’t wait for this summer!

10. I love how you lead me to write, and eventually to blog. I love These Next 6 Months, and it never would have started without you.

11. I love that you have helped me find yoga and meditation. The connection I have found with myself, and my body is so valuable.

12. I love that you don’t allow space for unnecessary stress in my life. Seems being stressed out about silly things upsets you as much as me. So we cut them out!

13. I love how you have helped me teach my family the importance of working together, and offering help.

14. I love how you have taught acceptance and compassion to myself, my husband and my children. You never know what someone is going through.



Now it’s your turn, what has living with chronic pain or illness given you?

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