“Dear Pain…” call for submissions.

About a week ago I posted an invite to all of my fellow pain sufferers to write a letter to their pain. I have received a few letters, but would love to see this take off.

I’d also like to open this up to those of you who have loved ones suffering from chronic pain/illness. Write to your spouse’s, friend’s, sibling’s, (you get my drift here) pain and tell their pain what you see it doing. How does their illness affect you?

I would like to start with the Dear Pain series the first week of March, but want to make sure I’ve got a good amount of letters before we start. Please submit your letters to TheseNext6Months@gmail.com.

I will post your letters “as is” without any editing on my part. I will also only identify you as you request. (meaning by full name, nickname, initials or anonymous.) If you’ve got any type of blog, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram you’d like share along with your letter be sure to include that as well.

Happy writing!


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