Dear Pain….

As many of you know, I see a therapist on a near weekly basis to help me walk along this lovely path life has put me on. Sometimes we talk about the weather and other times we talk about guilt or meditation or any of the many other things that pain influences.  In one of our earlier visits Nancy asked me to write a letter to my pain.

I know it sounds weird at first, but the homework (in our house we call things like this Nancy Homework) proved to be extremely therapeutic. It forced me to see my pain as something outside of me, separate of me. It allowed me to say all of the things I felt about my pain without saying them about myself. Without blame.

I have recently reached out to my PCS group on Facebook and invited the other ladies to do the same. In March we will start the category “Dear Pain…” where any letters written to your pain will be posted. As will mine.  I got the first submission today and wow! It was emotional and beautiful. I can’t wait to see what others have to say.

If you’d like to write a letter to your pain (it doesn’t have to be pelvic pain) and have it shared on These Next 6 Months please send it to


We will start sharing the first Thursday in March and share one every Thursday until there are no more to share. I If you don’t want your name attached to the letter, or only want initials that’s just fine. Please specify how you’d like to be recognized.


~Best ♥♪♫



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