My Favorite Things-Episode 2 “Sticky Things”

I have an actual post for you guys coming up, but I wanted to add these things to my Favorite Things list before I forgot.  This episode is about all the stick on stuff I use either weekly or daily for help with my pain. Hence the title “Sticky Things”.  Hee Hee….

A few weeks ago I met with a Physical Therapist (PT) about my lower back pain and she gave me a few stretches and some Kinesiology Tape for my back. Before I tell you how much I love this tape let me tell you about my back pain. Ever since my Trachelectomy (surgical removal of the cervix) on 5/6/13 I have had this awful back pain.  Seriously, from the moment I woke up from anesthesia until, well, right now as I write you I have had this insane pain in my lower back right on my sacrum. It feels exactly like my back labor with my first baby, except it never goes away. Ever.

For the first few months after surgery my surgeon said it was normal and I just had to wait it out, but it has gone from insane to severe on the intensity scale (at least the one I use) and I needed to do something about it. My second visit with this PT she put some of this Kinesiology Tape on my back and BAM! back pain cut in half by the next day.

No. Joke.

This stuff —>  has been a miracle for me. I wore it for about 7 days straight and now I wear it on and off when I am doing something a little more active and my back pain is still cut in half!  You can find videos on how to apply it for everything from back pain to headaches to wrist pain to PMS on Youtube.  Even though some days I feel like a UPS box all taped up, it’s fantastic and the best part is there is no medication in it. It’s just tape.

Okay, the next sticky thing I love is Salonpas patches. An ex co-worker turned me on to these when we were sharing back pain horror stories in the office one day. They are a little like IcyHot patches without the burny/tingly feeling. I also feel like they are more effective. The only downside to these is that you end up smelling like toothpaste when you are wearing them. But hey, who doesn’t love minty freshness right?

These little guys are the original patch —-> but as you will see on the website that you can get them in larger sizes, patches that heat up and even a spray among other things. They are over the counter (OTC) so you don’t need a prescription and they are super inexpensive. I get them at Target for about $3-$4 for a pack of 40. I usually use about 2-3 on my lower back to get good coverage. I have also used them on my neck for neck pain, and on my wrists for wrist aches after a long day of typing, yoga, etc.

Last sticky thing in our “Sticky Things” episode will be my LidoDERM patches. These are a little harder to obtain simply because they do require a prescription and they are a bit spendy. My co-pay for them is $36 for a box of 30 which is about $1.20 per patch and that doesn’t count what my insurance covered. But, I do really love them. They won’t help for everything, but when it comes to my back pain I will use anything if it will take the edge off.  I like them because they are topical, not systemic so it’s one less therapy I have to swallow and the side effects are mild (if any). You can wear them for up to 12 hours at a time. The downside is you can’t put another one on in the same spot for at least 12 hours after you take it off. (this is where the other sticky things come in handy)

I also like that even after I take it off, the area stays numb for a good 2-3 hours so it’s not like the therapy goes away the second I take the patch off.  Typically these things are used for nerve pain like Shingles but they seem to work for me so I keep using them. If you want to learn a little more about them here is their site:

  • Addition to this episode: Thermacare Heating Pads. When you can’t be at home on your couch with your heating pads these are the next best thing! I really like the neck ones because they fit great on the front of the pelvis or the lower back without having to deal with the wrap around  pieces. I use them at the movies, or when I am out running errands and need heat therapy. They work really well over the LidoDERM patches too. Double Duty. 🙂

Well, this concludes my Sticky Things episode. If you have sticky things you use please share, I am always looking for new things to help with the pain.

Thanks for reading!

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  1. I love Lidoderm and Spidertech kinesio tape too!!!! You are a lucky girl — you can’t buy Lidoderm in Canada where I live. I got a 20 pack when I was in Maryland having spinal surgery. It’s awesome when something actually works, right? Sending you a big hug. This is a great blog and puts into black and white what so many of suffer. ❤


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