My Favorite Things – episode 1

I am constantly looking for ways to make life easier with PCS. It effects every aspect of my life, from how I sleep to what I wear to what I use around the house. In my Pelvic Congestion Support Group on Facebook we are always passing around ideas and experiments we try to make life easier and to alleviate the pain. Since that has been so helpful, I thought it would be good to start sharing that all with you!

The biggest issue I have is finding clothes that I can wear that don’t put too much pressure on my pelvic area. My go-to item has always been Victoria’s Secret sweat pants, but those can make it hard to feel like I actually got dressed for the day. So, I am on the lookout for things that can be dressed up (or down) and are still comfortable. I have found a jackpot with New York and Company lately as they have a great selection of pants that are dressy and comfortable at the same time. Some of my favorites are the boot cut yoga pants

and the 7th Avenue Pull On Pant. These are perfect for work because they look exactly like dress pants but the pull on like sweatpants and are insanely comfortable. I know they model looks a little odd in them, but I promise they are awesome!

Plus, New York and Co. constantly has buy one get one free on all pants in the store which saves a ton of money on wardrobe.

Do you have any clothing secrets to share? send me an email, tweet or comment on this page so I can check it out!



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