Day 127: I Just Want To Get Dressed…

Sunday the kids and I went to the Science Museum for the day. While I was getting dressed I realized I would need to wear tennis shoes since I would be on my feet all day. No big deal right?


Since I can’t wear the ever common go-to pair of jeans I am limited with what I can wear in -11 degree weather. I do have a few pairs of those cute legging/pant things that help me look dressed sans denim, but they only look good with boots.  So, those were out. My only other option is sweat pants, and while I am ALWAYS comfy in my sweats, I rarely get the dressed and put together look I am going for when I leave the house for work or running errands or, well, life.

When I first started wearing more forgiving pants I thought it was a little fun. I got to be comfy all the time, while everyone else had to get dressed in their fancy work clothes. This fun wore off about 5 weeks later when I started to feel like I was never really getting dressed. I mean, it’s hard to look like a 29-year-old Business Administrator and mom of 3 when you are running around in Victoria’s Secret PINK sweatpants every day.

The more frustrating part of this is that I happen to have a rather adorable summer wardrobe that teases me every time I walk into my closet to get dressed. Which makes this summer loving girl even more anxious for summer to get here. If not for any other reason than for me to actually get dressed.

On a side note, the lesson learned here is that I will never judge another person for what they choose to wear again. Clearly, I can’t be the only one who wants to get dressed but can’t.


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