Day 67: Thankful

Since today is Thanksgiving and  listing the things we are thankful for is a tradition this time of year, I figured I would take a break from all the PCS writing and do a “Thankful List” myself.

Okay, here we go!

I am thankful for…

My 3 beautiful children who remind me every day of the wonder in simple things like how cookie dough turns into a cookie with just 7-9 minutes of 350 degrees of heat.

A co-worker who has become a friend in just 8 months and teaches me everyday how to be a little more me and a little less everyone else.

This blog, because it too, is teaching me who I am-and I like me 🙂

The color purple-not the movie.

All 4 of my crazy animals. Their personalities are so different, but they all make me happy in their own way.

Jen.  When God put us together 5 years ago I knew we would get along, but I had no idea just how much she would mean to me.

Color crayons and color books.

My parents, who have been there for me through 2 pregnancies way before any of us were ready, a crazy and unhealthy 8 year relationship and all the healing that came after,  and these past 3 years of medical mysteries and have never, ever faltered. Who taught me to work for what you want, that honesty and integrity are always more important than getting ahead, how to make a marriage work, and how to turn good children into great adults.

My 2 brothers who supported me my whole life-even during the stupid times.

62 degree weather in MN in November.

Flip Flops.

My job where I am able to grow and learn new things all the time, while having the flexibility to take care of my kids, and myself when I need to.

The good fortune of never being homeless or hungry.


Music ♫  and it’s ability to take me to another place, clear my mind and revive me with just one song.

All 5 of my sense -even if it means I have to feel pain.

The brave people who fight for our country, because I am a chicken and never could do what they do.

My Blackberry because it is awesome-ness.

Both of my baby daddies-without them I wouldn’t have my amazing children.

Sleeping in on Sundays.


The ability to delete and redo anything in Quickbooks.

My doctor, for doing everything she can to help me cope with this crazy pain I have right now-and never giving up.


My PCS support group. I have never met these ladies in person, but somehow, we are connected in the same way good friends or sisters are. I don’t know what I would do without them, and I am constantly amazed at how wonderful they are.


My husband.  Every day I am amazed by my heart’s ability to love him more than the day before.


… I am sure there are a bazillion other things I could list here, but you get the picture; I am a lucky bitch. And right now, this lucky bitch wants to eat Thanksgiving dinner leftovers and snuggle on the previously mentioned fantastical husband in my -also previously mentioned- sweatpants.

Happy Thanksgiving

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