Day 21: The merry-go-round of medications.

My PCP is on vacation until next week, so should I need something in the meantime I am at the mercy of whoever is filling in the gaps in her absence. In preparation of her absence we made a plan for what to do while she was gone, and she filled me (what should have been) enough pain meds to get me through until she came back.  Unfortunately life happens and I am having quite the increase in pain these last few days and I am using more pain meds then normal. So I am close to empty.  I noticed last week that this might be an issue so I contact my clinic to ask what the proper procedure was for requesting a refill of my medication.

The clinic advised that I contact my surgeon as ask him for a refill since he is familiar with my condition, so I called my surgeon’s clinic and asked them what the proper procedure was.  They advised that because he is not my primary it was not appropriate for him to handle the refill.

No problem-totally understandable.

Don’t freak out.

Now it is Monday, and I have even less medication left over and a whole 8 days to get through before she gets back. (This is daunting to me with so little pain medication left over.) So I called my clinic again and asked them what the proper channels were. They again advised I contact the surgeon’s office. So I did, and got the same answer. Next, I call my clinic back and explain that the surgeon’s office says this is their jurisdiction. The woman on the phone instructs me to have my pharmacy fax over a refill request. I asked her to confirm because Percocet is a controlled substance so I am unable to refill it electronically. The woman advises that I need to request on file to process. So I call my pharmacy.

The pharmacy tech actually laughed at me and said “They should know better, I can’t request a refill for a narcotic via fax.  It needs to be a handwritten prescription.” I told him I understood but asked if there was anything he could do to help with the process. He agrees to fax over a request to simply show that I am asking for a refill. (Apparently “Can I please get a refill?” is not proof enough?)

So, now I call my clinic back and explain that even the pharmacy tech is telling me you can’t do this electronically and that I have concerns about getting all of this sorted. The (different) woman on the phone explains that though they can’t fill it electronically they need a formal request.

*This is news to me since my doc just does it via email with me and leaves the script at the desk*

I ask the woman to confirm they’ve received the request and ask that someone please call me to confirm they’ve refilled this for me as soon as it is ready as my clinic is 45 minutes from my house. She advises that the refill process takes up to 3 days.

::deep, soothing breaths::

“Is it possible to speed that process up? I have been working on this since last week and I now only have a few left.” I ask the woman trying my hardest not to cry.

Her answer?

“You can call back at 4 today and ask if it has been done yet. If it hasn’t, you can tell the secretary that you are almost out and need this addressed today.”

Why do I have to wait until the end of the day to say that? Why can’t I say that now? Why does this have to be so hard? Why does no one really seem to give a shit that I am hurting so much, EV-ER-Y DAY?!?!?

…….Still looking for that hole……

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  1. This is what I just typed on a dictation from a doctor who had a patient in asking for narcotic refills: “I have stated very bluntly and plainly that if she asks for it, I will take a very dim view of this and refuse. This may indeed by grounds for discontinuation of narcotic prescriptions.” This is why doctors are so hesitant to do anything…people abuse it and make it hard for everyone else! Doctors just try to push it off onto the next. Sad and doesn’t help your situation, but I did this right after I read your blog. Sorry for your issue with this crap today! 😦


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